Crystal City, VA


“Nothing about us, without us”: A building session for using participatory design frameworks in adapted physical activity research


Andrew M. Colombo-Dougovito, PhD, CAPE (1); and A. Josephine Blagrave, Ph.D. (2)


(1) University of North Texas; (2) California State University, Chico

session discription: 

In recent years, every community of individuals with disabilities has become more vocal about their own desires through the empowerment of social media and other technological advances. As a part of this empowerment, individuals with disabilities have stated that there will be, “nothing about us, without us”, and have implored researchers to include individuals in major rolls throughout each stage of research. This movement has emphasized participatory action designs or frameworks to assist in the inclusion of disabled populations within research to allow for greater outcomes and results that have an actual impact on the community’s needs. Originally used as vehicle for radical social change in Latin America (Rappaport, 2007), participatory designs have gone through a great deal of development both theoretically and methodologically on a global scale (Reason & Bradbury, 2006). Several articles (Balcazar, Keys & Kaplan, 2006; Haj-Bolouri, Bernhardsson, & Rossi, 2016; Hassouneh, Alcala-Moss, & McNeff, 2011) have attempted to breakdown strategies for participatory designs and present practical steps for including those that are being researched. In this working session, presenters will discuss the background of participatory research and outline strategies using empirical evidence and practical experience. After the presentation, attendees will strategize ways they have included individuals in their own research, challenges they have faced and brainstorm ways they could include individuals with disabilities in future research. 

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