New publication in Perceptual and Motor Skills out online before print.

To understand how motor skills interact with other skills and the spectrum of autism, this analysis sought to look at how those interaction may occur. Access the article here: Perceptual and Motor Skills Article. The abstract is below:

Social communicative deficits and stereotyped or repetitive interests or behaviors are the defining features of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A growing body of research suggests that gross motor deficits are also present in most children with ASD. This study sought to understand how pediatric ASD severity is related to motor skills and social skills. A multivariate analysis of variance analysis of 483 chil- dren with autism (N 1⁄4 444) and ASD (N 1⁄4 39) revealed a nonsignificant difference between groups. Results suggest little difference between severity groups on gross motor and social skills within the limited age range of the participants (about 5.6 years of age). 

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