Update: "Try to do the best you can"

Another article is up and available. This article has been published in the International Journal of Special Education. It is free, open source, and available to everyone. So feel free to download and share from here.  It is in issue 30, no. 3. 

FYI: The formatting was off last I checked; I made the editor aware of it and it should be fixed shortly.

This study was an small, qualitative study of pre-service APE teachers perceptions of working on motor skills with children with ASD. I found four general areas that teacher addressed concerns in.  

Overall, the issues are what are to be expected when teaching and most likely affect individuals outside of APE. However, it is the lack of training and preparation that leave these teachers unsure when they take their first position. The difference between the confidence levels at the beginning and end of their training was night and day. This necessitates having solid practicum experiences for individuals going out into the classroom, especially for those who will work with children with ASD. 

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