Conference Time


This weekend, I am heading up to DC to present at the National Consortium for Physical Education for Individual's with Disabilities. It is a great conference filled with the tops in my field. It is always a great experience to listen to all the happenings going on around the country for APE and APA, as well as network and collaborate.

For the second year in a row, I will be presenting in the Emerging Scholar's Symposium. This year I am presenting on my dissertation topic and will hopefully get some good feedback on some areas that are proving to be tricky. You can see the presentation here.

The conference will provide a nice two day reprieve from my comp exams which I have been working on, almost, exclusively this summer. Basically, they are a culmination of the last decade of learning in what seems to be a very simple question. They trouble is trying to answer everything in such a small amount of space and knowing when is enough information enough.

My goal is to finish them in the next few weeks, so I can move on to bigger and better things. Fingers crossed.