Media Kit

Media Kit

This page has everything you'll need from Dr. Andy before your interview or event.


Dr. Andrew M. Colombo-Dougovito (he/his) is an Assistant Professor of Sport Pedagogy & Motor Behavior at the University of North Texas. There, he also serves as the Director of the UNT Physical Activity and Motor Skills program, the Director of the Disability & Movement Research Lab, and as a faculty liaison to the Kristin Farmer Autism Center. His research focuses on examining the socio-environmental factors that influence the physical activity engagement of disabled populations, particularly autistic individuals, across their lifespan. He has authored or co-authored over 20 journal articles and book chapters such as The wellbeing of people with neurodiverse conditions, in Sustainable Community Health: Systems and Practices in Diverse Settings (2020, Palgrave Macmillan) and has given over 50 presentations to diverse national and international audiences. His first co-edited book, Not Playing Around: Intersectional Identities, Media Representation, and the Power of Sport, will be available early 2022 from Lexington Books. In 2019, Dr. Colombo-Dougovito was awarded the Elly D. Friedmann Young Professional Award from the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity. In April 2021, he received the The Dr. Doris R. Corbett Johnson Leaders for Our Future Award and was inducted as a fellow of SHAPE America as a part of their 2021 cohort of inductees. When not at work, Dr. Colombo-Dougovito tries to spend as much time outdoors—climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with family. Today, Dr. Colombo-Dougovito will discuss [ADD TOPIC].

How To Pronounce Dr. Andy's Name

Andrew Colombo-Dougovito → Ann-Drew Ko-low-mm-Bow-Dug-O-veto

General + Contact Information

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Media Appearances

Below are examples of my ability to talk about broad topics to diverse groups.

Let's Have this Conversation with Keven McShan

Autism Matters Podcast

What's New in Adapted Physical Education?

Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education

Select Prior Invited Presentations, Workshops, & Symposia

For more examples of my ability to present complex topics to diverse audiences, see my recent presentations.

Workshop provided to international physical education scholars regarding participatory methods

Symposia provided to undergraduate students regarding disability and ableism

Presentation given to Brazilian scholars, parents, and stakeholders

Sample Promos

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