New Year's Resolutions

Everyone makes them.


Each year, countless people spring off the new year with goals of making him or herself a better person.


Some people want to lose 10 pounds.

Some want to quit smoking.

Some want to exercise more.


However, countless people make goals, but never reach the end of the year or month still following them.


I am sure there are too many reasons to count as to why this occurs, but one of the core reasons (I believe) is that the goals are all outcome based. They do not change the habits or core behaviors that cause us to make those goals in the first place.


I am the same. I have made New Years goals and not followed through with them, but this year I want to try something different. I came up with a few goals that I want to work on which will hopefully affect a much larger portion of my life than just my one goal.


Write 1 hour a day. Writing can be a habit, just like anything else. The more it is done, the easier it becomes. I, myself, have never been much of writer in my spare time. I like to work with my hands and build things, but it seems as though through my life's journey, I have wound up writing for a potential living. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of other things that go into research that come more natural to me, like thinking inquisitively and numbers, but writing was not one of them. In research, that is a large portion of the process from beginning to end. So for 2016, by writing an hour a day on whatever (this blog for example), I hope to make writing more of a daily habit.


Spending more days on my bike, than in a car. This is one I do a lot already. Anyone who knows me, knows that I bike commute to work practically everyday regardless of weather; being in Virginia, it's not that bad. However, I want to make most all trips by bicycle, including groceries and errands. While some roads make it impractical to do so, my goals is to make cycling my go to transportation. Perhaps, if more people see me doing so, they may take the leap. Here's hoping.


Sleep outside more often. I have always enjoyed camping and being outside, but as these goals are more than just what they are, the real goal is to disconnect and rejuvenate myself more often. Being in nature slows my mind and allows me to refocus. I have always taken to making a trip for a week or more, but now being near a national park and with my wife and my schedules being a little more certain, we have considered making trips for a weekend. Even just heading up a Friday evening and waking up somewhere outside is enough. This goals is inexplicably tied to the next.


Look at a screen less often. My world has become full of technology and it is immensely beneficial. I could not imagine having to use a typewriter to write my dissertation and make edits, only to have to rewrite it. I think that might take me a decade. However, the added screens do add to the inability to disconnect. There is drive to be connected, because it is so close and it fills in time. So I plan to look at paper every now and then, and sit a be board every now and then. It helps my mind wander.


So what are your goals?